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We value people. That's probably no surprise at all since all companies’ most important assets should be people. We believe that the quality of work you do is very dependant on the quality of your work environment. That’s why we dedicate a lot of our time to our colleagues’ well-being - because when we’re putting people first, well, that’s really when the Klar vision comes to life.

But - instead of us telling you how we value people and what we do to maintain a great work environment, we’ll let our colleagues tell you

Quotable colleagues

Working at Klar as a creative means I learn new skills all the time and gain exciting opportunities. I’ve worked at Klar for 2+ years and continue to grow personally and professionally. I like the flexibility and being able to develop my skills.
Brand Creative, Denmark
My goal is to be professional in my field of expertise, this is a choice and it means continuous self-development, experimenting and practicing. Klar has a culture and mindset that encourages to try, fail and to succeed. I am glad that I can develop as a professional.
Maintenance Manager, EE
I love working for Klar because my ideas are heard, considered and valued by top management. And then it feels like a second family 
Head of Logistics, Malta
Joining Klar felt like a natural choice because I was drawn to their innovative spirit and the chance to grow alongside a fun, easy-going team. It's not every day you find a place where you can make a difference and truly enjoy the people you work with, and that's what made Klar special to me.
Full Stack Developer, Denmark
It doesn’t matter which position you work in, everyone can have equal great ideas and as much to say to any meeting - that's what I like about Klar
People & Culture Lead, Estonia
Klar is a completely different company from others: It's growing faster than imaginable. Amazing people and atmosphere - I'm proud and happy to be a part of the great journey in e-com!
Supply Chain Manager, Estonia

Our Values

"At KLAR, we believe that values drive success. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of our work, and we've distilled our guiding principles into the very essence of our name. K, L, A, and R each represent a fundamental value that shapes our company's culture. Join us on a journey where Knowledge, Lean, Ambitious, and Reliable are not just words but the keystones of our identity and the foundation upon which we deliver exceptional results.


We take pride in the depths of our knowdledge

Klar values the principle of "customer first" through continuous learning and knowledge sharing. By encouraging employees to share their expertise and insights with colleagues, we foster growth, innovation, and a customer-centric approach. Striving for improvement and challenging the status quo, we take great pride in the knowledge we have within our work and field. By doing so, we ensure the delivery of high-quality results that prioritise the needs and satisfaction of our customers. 


We seek to continuously improve ourselves

At Klar, we prioritize a lean mindset! We constantly improve our workflows for maximum efficiency. We encourage employees to challenge the status quo, seek innovative solutions and eliminate inefficiencies. By having a lean work-flow we are able to cut the middleman while still delivering exceptional valued product to our customers and maintain our position as industry leaders.


We challange the status quo and set high standards

At Klar, we cultivate an ambitious mindset that is centered around putting the customer first. By pursuing ambitious goals, we are the best in our field while ensuring customer satisfaction. Klar sets high standards, fosters a culture of creativity, and empowers employees to grow, learn, and continuously improve in order to meet and exceed customer expectations


We rely on each other and the promises we give

At Klar, we prioritize the principle of "customer first" while upholding reliability as a core value. We take ownership of tasks, ensuring their timely completion and effective communication. Recognizing the impact of our work on relevant departments, we foster collaboration and transparency. Our unwavering commitment to reliability, driven by a customer-centric approach, is a key driver of our organizational success.

Who is who

Janar Tammjärv
CEO & Founder
Majbritt Stoklund
Chief People & Culture Officer
Martin Eiler
Chief Technology Officer

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