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With an ambitious team of colleagues

We value people. That's probably no surprise at all since all companies’ most important assets should be people. We believe that the quality of work you do is very dependant on the quality of your work environment. That’s why we dedicate a lot of our time to our colleagues’ well-being - because when we’re putting people first, well, that’s really when the Klar vision comes to life.

But - instead of us telling you how we value people and what we do to maintain a great work environment, we’ll let you see for your self - head over to our culture to experience our little klan of Klarians and read more about our values and what we stand for ... or keep on reading to experience the many perks and benefits of working in Klar

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Perks & Benefits

To express our appreciation for the dedication and effort our valued employees bring to our team every day, we are thrilled to offer a fantastic array of special perks and benefits. Fortunately, there are plenty to explore and enjoy! Here are the top six benefits awaiting all Klar team members:

You shouldn't have to work on your birthday! Klar gives you the day off to celebrate with, friends, familiy, your partner or just yourself.
Klar Careday
Klar offers 1 care day per quarter of the year - a day JUST for you where you can do whatever you would like to
Fruits and Snacks
Are you hungry? We make sure that fresh fruits and snacks are always available at the office for you to enjoy.
Dental care
Within our pension agreement we have dental care for regular check-ups, wisdom teeth removal, surgerys and much more
Food is a vital necessity to keep your tummy happy and your mind sharp and focused - therfore it is partly paid by Klar
Health insurance
Your health is important for you and for us. Therfor we have partnered up with a health insurance that covers your health
After 6 months of employment you are entitled to take part of our great pension agreement - get started and save up your money for later
Moving day
Moving to a new home can be tough and it takes time to settle in. Klar gives you the day off to use your time to settle in
When you have been in Klar for 5 years, we grant you ADDITIONALLY 5 weeks of vacation as a gratitude of our appreciation for all your hard work you have done for the organization
Social events
Join our unforgettable team events, dinners and company parties twice a year with the entire organization across the global offices.
Congratulations on your marriage - on this special day you don't have to worry about using vacation days, we will give you the day off to celebrate love
Child's first day of school
A new chapter unfolds for your child when they enter school - we give you the day off to make sure they get the best start possible
Life is unpredictable and we cannot shield ourselves from death - we will give you they day off to attend a funeral of a dear family member
Employee discount
Do you ever need to purchase doors or windows then we offer a great employee discount of 25 % for you as an employee
Global offices
You have the possibility to work from our sister offices. Klar will cover the plane tickets Copenhagen, Stockholm, Tartu and Tallinn

Available positions

Who is who

Janar Tammjärv
CEO & Founder
Majbritt Stoklund
Chief People & Culture Officer
Martin Eiler
Chief Technology Officer

Hi I am Majbritt

Chief People & Culture Officer in Klar

Together with my team, I am ensuring that you will not only have a great - but the best work environment when employed at Klar. 🥰 You are our main focus and the core bone of the organisation.

It is an essential theme that everyone should feel equally important within the organisation and we manifest this daily by operating with what we call invisible borders. 🌍 This means that you should be able to contact, work with and communicate on an equal level with any employee in Klar - no matter their title and office location. Furthermore, it also means that we ensure to have the same possibilities, environment, and work atmosphere no matter what office you step foot into. When the Danish office is having a themed party you can bet that the Estonian and Swedish offices are having the same themed party - at the same time. 

Never hesitate to open new windows in your life!

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When one door closes, another one opens

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