The story of Klar

Janar Tammjärv founded Klar in 2015, because:

I saw that home renovation industry was unnecessarily opaque, and it kept normal people from improving their homes. If we want a greener planet, we need to get everyone on board – that doesn’t happen if the solution is complicated. We’re taking responsibility for one part of the project, and that is making home improvement accessible
Janar Tammjärv
Klar Factory

A Brief History of Everything

From in Tartu 🇪🇪, 2015

Klar started out as a window and door factory in Tartu and a webshop in Denmark. Today we’re a direct-to-consumer brand that sells customized home improvement products in more than 5 countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, UK & Estonia). ⭐And we’re working hard to make it easier for everyone to improve their home by making the process much more transparent, affordable and accessible.

During the last few years, we have used technology to revolutionize an outdated industry and our aim is to continue to do so with you on board. 🚀 We don’t want things to be more complicated than they have to. We like straight talk and improving the homes of everyone is serious business for us – so why idle on formalities? We want everyone to live well – that means we need to get in touch with a lot of people. Of course, that doesn’t happen all at once, it happens one step at a time. Our goal is that this step is twice as big every year compared to the last. That is, our goal for the company is to grow at least 100%, every year. If that’s the kind of ambition that inspires you, then jump aboard. 💯

Our offices are located here

Even though Klar is an Estonian company we have both markets and offices in other great parts of Scandinavia. Get the office vibe going by swiping through our gallery below

Tartu, Estonia
Tila küla, Tartu vald, 60532
Stockholm, Sweden
Svetsarvägen 22 Solna
Tallinn, Estonia
Vana-Lõuna 39, Lutheri Ärimaja
Copenhagen N, Denmark
Nørrebro: Tagensvej 85 D

Take a tour around the factory

Located in Tartu, Estonia

The vision

Tech has long ago become part of our everyday lives. We carry it in our pocket, some of us on our wrist, most of us in our ears when listening to music.

We’re adding custom home-improvement products availability to your pocket, your wrist – and maybe sometime in the future, you’ll ask your digital assistant for help, and we’ll be able to connect instantly.

Every month +1.000 people seamlessly order their home improvement products on our digital platform.
We want you to be able to get your custom home improvement products any time, anywhere.


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Tagensvej 85, D
Nørrebro, Denmark
CVR 36949139
Klar Home OÜ
Vinnali, Tila küla, Tartumaa,
Estonia 60532
REG 12735008
Klarfönster AB
Svetsarvägen 22,
171 41 Solna
ORG NO. 559216-8347