Unlocking Doors to a Sustainable Tomorrow

Circle of life


Here at Klar, we take sustainability and circularity seriously. This is why our products are made to last a lifetime and we make sure to give back to nature more than we take.

All our window and door frames are made of FSC-certified pine wood, sourced from Estonian forests. In our efforts to neutralize our carbon footprint and keep the forests healthy, we organize field trips to heavily harvested areas where we plant new baby pine trees. 

The wood used in our windows and doors comes from slow-growing pine trees local to deep Estonian forests. During their growth period, they provide valuable shelter for all sorts of smaller plants & animals which make up a healthy ecosystem. At the end of their life cycle, our suppliers responsibly harvest the pines and turn them into the quality material we use in production. The wood from these forests is especially great because of its long-lasting durability.


Let it grow

Once a year we plant new pine trees on the grounds where we have harvested. This is our way of giving back to nature - and making sure that we do not take more than we give to the earth. 

We assure that every pine tree is planted with love, carefulness and gratitude towards the forest, by our employees.

Our field trips to the forest, are great for nature but also for us. This is an opportunity for us to bond, to find new energy and inspiration for making the best products.

Look through the gallery below - to experience the last time we planted new pine trees. 

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